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Rincon de la Vieja
Laguna Poco Sol
Journal Entry

Reflecting on this expedition, I find that my fondest memory is of the group I shared the adventure with.

First I wish to commend our fearless leader Dave "The Sneaker" Hilton, whose perseverance was an inspiration to us all.

Next, my thanks go to a new and I hope lifelong friend, Toby "The Mad Bavarian" Fischer, whom I have learned will sample anything, anywhere, anytime (except Maraschino cherries).

Then there is Wayne "El Tico" Suiter, tirelessly weaving his Web of intrigue, night after sleepless night.

My good friend Alison "The Volcano Cowgirl" Shaw amazed us all by being the only member of the party to sample each and every site on our itinerary.

The Most Determined award goes to Mindy "The Michigander" Zimmer, who at the very least deserves a new pair of pants.

We are all very grateful to Guillermo Alvarado, without whose connections-and considerable charm-the expedition would not have been possible.

We thank our expert guide Chico "The Crocodile" Arias, who got us all there and back again safely.

Special thanks are owed to the Instituto Costarricense Electricidad (ICE), for their warm hospitality and logistic support.

In addition, we wish to thank the National Science Foundation, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the University of New Mexico, the University of Costa Rica, in particular the students of Volcanology who helped us get down and the many volcanoes Carlos Ramirez and Raul Mora, those in the area of ICE Seismo-volcanic Hazards and Vigilance and also Geothermal Resources. Many thanks as well to the Seismological and Volcanological Observatory of Arenal and Miravalles (OSIVAM), Antonio Yock, the Seismological Network (RSN:ICE-UCR) and the National Park Service.

More thanks to the various tourist resorts who allowed us to enter and sample on their land such as; Tucano (La Marina de San Carlos), Baldi Thermal Hot Springs and Tabacon Resort (Arenal Volcano) and the Hotel Borinquen (Rincon de la Vieja).

Most of all warm thanks to the many Costa Ricans who helped us all along the way.

In closing, I wish to extend my warmest thanks to all of you who had the interest and took the time to log on and follow this Volcano Expedition. Stay tuned; therešs more to come!

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